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Ruke Web Photo 1
Ruke on Point small
Ruke & Elaine showing at Coombe Park
Ruke & April in front of fire

Ruke was not bought as a companion for Ryan.

He was bought because we love GSP’s, their nature and working ability.

Ruke was a stubborn puppy but without malice.

He was easy to mould into our lives.

Ruke and Ryan became inseparable, they just enjoyed doing everything together.

Ruke was a typical natural pointer and helped Ryan learn the steadiness in the field.

When both were trained he always looked for Ryan to take the lead when working.

It was generally Ruke that ‘backed’ Ryan on point whenever game was found.

We were blessed with these two great companions who taught us both so much.

Ruke the Show Dog

Ruke and April

Midlander Malbec