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Solo the Seal Pup 2
Solo in the pond small

Lovely colour & Temperament with great muscle structure

‘Solo’ our little Seal Pup

‘Solo’ just loved water. Any time of year you could find him in our pond

Solo was an only puppy, born to April from her one and only litter.

He was nearly 2lb at birth, April was only a small bitch and

Solo was extracted by Kevin with a towel.

He never thought he was a puppy, his size meant he could follow mum

to most places with ease.

At only a few weeks old he would come and join the other ‘Ryanstock’ dogs by the fire.

They would take in the warmth from the fire whilst he lay suckling his mum !

He was an amiable dog, loved other dogs and people.

He fitted in easily with the Team and was very successful in the showring.

He achieved his JW by the age of 8 1/2 months, rules permitted it in those days.

He won several Res. CC’s and became influential with his progeny for the ‘Ryanstock’ line

Ryanstock Ashkanazy  JW