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Connie Standing 3 June 200803
CONNIE & the Pig
Davey,Connie & Angie June 2008

Connie never sidestepped a challenge, she matched her elustrious brother when showing,

winning her Junior Warrant two months after him at 12 months.

She also gained her title 2 months after him at aged two and a half.

Only having one litter she passed the baton to her daughter ‘Angie’ ( R.Hope)

to continue the ‘Ryanstock’ line.

  These proved to be very capable paws.

‘Connie’ aged 11 years still fit as a flea and ready for anything.

Connie followed in her

grandmothers footsteps by winning

W.C.G.B. Brood Bitch Trophy in 2002

Connie with one of the many furry toys she treasures

  and still finds time to play with each day.

Left to Right

R.Hope, Show Champions R.Graceful & R.Genteel

Sh.Ch.Ryanstock Graceful JW