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Anya from her selection at six weeks of age was always destined to be a star.

When we saw her  below at six weeks of age we had no doubts about her qualities.

 As she grew it became apparent that she too felt she was destined to be something special. 

Every time we looked out of the kitchen window there stood Annie in proper show pose.

She had the head carriage, neck line, back and up right stance

that so many people seem to struggle to achieve with their dogs.

  In the show ring Anya excelled, through puppy and junior classes she won extensively.

There was never any doubt that she was good enough to achieve her title.

So there was no surprise when she gained it at the age of two.

Anya 6 weeks
Anya head shot full 3

Anya was a complete show dog both standing and moving.

 Like a ballerina she had no wish to do anything else, other than her specialist subject. 

She was a tremendous dog to live with, had great character

 and could melt the strongest heart with just one look.

  She was a great loss to us.

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