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Eve Head and Horns
EVE on the Sofa
Eve front on  22th Feb 2007 2
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‘Eve’ missed some early showing, hence the lost JW.

She did come back into the ring

   at around 3yrs and won several reserve CCs.

Like many Weimars she became even

more of a treasure as she grew older.

 Living to over 13 years she enjoyed

 her family and her retirement.

Although a great mum

with a great record

we only had one litter from ‘Eve’

Eve’ has three memorable achievements, the first is that she was our choice from our ‘E’ litter,

this was the first and still the only litter from which we kept that never achieved a Junior Warrant.

Her second is even more notable, she produced our first

 Brother and Sister Show Champions in Genteel & Graceful.

The third we shall never repeat as we do not breed frequently,

winning Dog World / Hills Top Weimaraner Brood Bitch 2000

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