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Angie Pointing Tooley Oct 17th 2009
Angie over the Fence June 2008
Angie standing web

Angie although standing well she never embraced the world of showing, I think that face says it all.

We decided to take her in the beating line at a local shoot and this was much more to her liking.

She has proved superb in her maternal duties providing security for the ‘Ryanstock’ line.

Three of these offspring live with us currently.

After securing our future she was joined by her daughter ‘Esme’ on a new shoot.

This has made a new woman of her, she seems galvanised and is fitter than ever.

  Delighted to instruct her offspring in the ways of finding and retrieving all manner of game.

The two are a joy to work

She too has carried on a tradition by winning

   W.C.G.B. Brood Bitch Trophy in 2007

Ryanstock Hope