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Tasha was the sister of ‘Anya’. She was the strong working bitch, a tough cookie.

 She would run into a fence or get caught on barbed wire and look around to check no one had seen the incident,

 then pick herself up and carry on as though nothing had happened.

Tasha tolerated showing because we asked her , she reluctantly took part and had some success winning

several strong Limit classes. She could not however retain the enthusiasm in a challenge.

It was Tasha that we decided to breed from and it was she who continued to strengthen the ‘Ryanstock’ line.

Tasha 6 weeks selection

Tasha was a wonderful mum and her puppies were strong and forward,

with her great temperament

This is Tasha (left) and Solo with their offspring ‘Zena’ sitting.

Tasha showing with her Mum Elaine

Ryanstock Anastasia