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April & Solo Feeding before the Fire
April trotting the Tweed
Feeb, April & Ruke by the hearth

April arrived at ‘Ryanstock’ as a generous gift from the remarkable Joan Matuszewska, (Monroes).

Joan befriended us when we first burst onto the show scene with Ryan.

 April was by Ch.Wotan of Ragstone x Sh.Ch.Monroes Aequo, our favourite bitch then and still.

April was to be our brood bitch to carry on the Ryanstock line.

Sadly Ryan died before we could put the pair together.

A strong solitary bitch, very independent. Warm and affectionate and a great working brain.

It was she who stepped in when Ryan died, working on our shoot before she had been fully trained.

We need not worry because she was such a natural. She impressed others wherever we were invited to work.

She had just one litter and produced just one puppy, Ryanstock Ashkanazy JW ( Solo ).

Although it was ‘Feebie’, Ryan’s daughter who was the dominant influence in the Ryanstock line,

Solo put to her was the sire of the top winning Sh.Ch. Ryanstock Bramble JW

Monroes Ash Lady of Ryanstock