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Esme Freestanding 13 weeks small
Esme at Newark 6 months  small
Esme standing 2 June 2008
Esme Photo 25th Nov 08
Esme up the shoot 22nd Nov 07 small
Esme jumping the fence June 2008
Esme WA Ch Sh 09
Esme WA Ch Sh 09 with judge

Life can provide many

 opportunities for Weimaraners,

they are so willing to learn.

Esme sees no barriers to what she

 can learn, it is remarkable how

 quickly she picks things up.

We are enjoying every minute

   and who can say how good she

can become.

We are delighted with her.

Esme at 4 months old

Esme at 6 months old

Esme already has her Junior Warrant.

She will only show when we fancy a day out.

We all have re-focussed our attentions and priorities.

Esme at 2 years old

Esme is passionate about her work and leaves

 no leaf unturned when looking for game.


Winning the Special D or B

Gamekeeper Class


Weimaraner Association

Ch.Sh 2009

Weimaraner Association Top Puppy 2007

photo  Clare Worsfold

photo  Clare Worsfold

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