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Gypsy head shot small
Gypsy with Brood Bitch trophy
Gypsy Standing  S
Gypsy takes the Sun
Gypsy on Chair in Conservatory

Gypsy was just one of those bitches,

we were so lucky to share her life.

You could write a book about her exploits.

The way she dealt with her problems in later life.

She was the ‘epitome’ of this breed,

quietly confident, unflappable temperament,

biddable and quiet, a great socialiser with people and animals.

She was a phenomenal worker,

 expanding my knowledge with her ability.

Dawn winner of W.C.G.B. Brood Bitch Trophy 1997

‘R.Dawn’ (Gypsy) winning her first CC

A joy to live with , she always knew how to take it easy. Nothing ever stressed her

Ryanstock Dawn JW