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Dixie & Gypsy as Puppies Satnding
Dixie BPIS WCGB Open Show
Dixie as a puppy standing

Dixie winning BPIS at the W.C.G.B. Open Show

Dixie at around 8 months

Dixie even from a puppy was a live wire.

One of those Weimaraners with that irritating habit of ‘spinning’, Vinnie does it.

It was about a week after winning one of her res.CC’s

we noticed she was not putting weight on one leg.

Sure enough the vet confirmed, severed Cruciate Ligament.

He thought the constant spinning could have been contributory.

In those days most vets would operate, but without concern for the needs of the show dog.

Today even after both Cruciates have been repaired,

dogs can still continue their show career with success.

We have always believed it was crucial that the dog could be made sound again, to enjoy life.

Showing would always come second to that, so she retired gracefully.

  ‘Dixie’  &    ‘Dawn’ at 5 months

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