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Esme here and I am thinking of coming into that season thing again.

You can imagine the Bosses are thrilled as they have no plans for a litter this time.

The Boys, Vinnie & Uncle Zeb have already decided that I am in Season.

They cry and whimper to be let outside and then they search all around the lawn

just to find a place where I have marked.

Then their head begins to shake and the teeth begin to chatter and off they go marking their territory.

Now that would be bad enough you think but Vinnie has taken it to a new level.

He now wakes up the Bosses at about 5.30am with his constant howling.

Although they are not happy they arise and get on with our food and exercise.

Then things carry on normally until about Tea Time when they usually sit to watch the TV.

Sadly now this is when things catch up with them and first one and then the other

drift off quietly to sleep and usually we have to wake them for our evening meal about 9.00pm.

When they have tended to our needs, bless them they cannot keep their eyes open,

so mum (Angie) has told us all that we must be quiet and let them catch up on their rest.

After all they have another full day tomorrow providing for our care.

Luckily my boy ‘The Stig’ is oblivious to all these goings on at present and

he just settles in a bed next to me and his Gran and dreams about things he has done that day.

We have had a couple of days out as a family in the car to some dog shows

with my boy and he has not disgraced the ‘affix’.

He has much to learn to be as good as his Dad and at present still needs to understand

that his performance needs to be consistent.

He is young and the Bosses are not worried, as they say it is all there and it will come together.

 He has excelled in his Fieldwork training and once he goes to shows regularly and gets into a routine

the Showing will be easy peasy compared to Fieldwork.


Well I’ll sign off for now and speak again soon..............ESME